About us

Buffalo South Sauce was born out of necessity!  Many years ago, when Buffalo wings were still primarily only known throughout western New York, we wanted WINGS!!!!  But we lived in Louisiana!!!  There was no such thing as wing sauce in the stores, so we began to experiment, and experiment, and experiment, and finally, we had a sauce we enjoyed.  Family and friends enjoyed it as well, and we began making “larger batches” to satisfy their taste. More and more people requested the sauce, and many said it was time that we begin selling it as well and now, that time has arrived!!  But first, we placed two conditions on the process:  First and foremost is that a portion of our proceeds WILL be donated to charities.  While not limited to these charities, we focus on First Responders, Special Needs Children, and Disabled Veterans.  Beyond that we want to make this sauce available to as many people as possible so that you too can enjoy the unique flavors of Buffalo South Sauce!

Buffalo South, LLC is a family venture that started with a one quart sauce pan, and has graduated to a professionally manufactured product. We started from a humble beginning, and today we are thankful that our sauce will bring pleasure to so many.  We thank each and everyone who enjoys our sauce, which in turn helps those who face difficulties and hardships in their daily lives.