Thank You!!

Alvin Batiste:  The background picture of our label tells the story,,, from Niagara Falls, NY to the swamps and bayous of south Louisiana.  From where Buffalo South sauce was born, to where it grew-up and matured.  That picture is from an original oil painting created for Buffalo South, LLC, by Alvin Batiste, Alvin is a renowned, self-taught, classic folk artist from Donaldsonville, LA.  His work has been shipped world-wide and has resided in the White House!  You can view his gallery at  

Thank you Alvin!

Simon:  Since our sauce is so unique, we wanted our presentation to be unique as well.  When we could not find the perfect font for the name, Buffalo South, we turned to Simon, and he designed the special font seen on our label.  "Aint y’alls ordinary wing sauce” for no reason, everything about it is special, including the font! Check out his gallery @   

Thank you Simon!!

Another Day Another City:  Information and exposure, social media reigns!  And for that, we turned to youth, with experience and talent!!, Multifaceted professionalism providing lay-out and design, ideas, guidance, photography, and understanding.  All that available in one location, and it comes with a heart of gold as well!! Visit to view the vast services available from this outstanding company. 

 Thank you Alexis!!!

Family, Friends, Loyal Fans:  To all our family, friends and loyal fans, we truly thank you for the encouragement and support which has made this dream come to fruition.  A dream that everyone can enjoy this special sauce, and that many deserving charities will benefit from the proceeds. 

 Thank you ALL!!!!!