Original flavor!

Buffalo South Sauce is original! It’s got a great story and made by great people. I have been a fan for years and I’m excited to see this company grow! It not only impacts the amazing taste of my meals but also impacts peoples lives from the proceeds that go to charities! I always make sure to have a bottle (or three) in my pantry!

- Alexis

Love this sauce!

As a chef and owner of CatyGrace Creations I absolutely love this sauce. I have used it in a variety of dishes for my clients and it has gotten nothing but positive feedback.

- Jennifer 

I want more!

Had it 2 years ago, 

want more.

- Darwin 

BBQ favorite!

I can’t get enough of this sauce! When we have people over for bbq’s they always request Buffalo South Sauce! I use it on everything but my favorite is on ribs!!  

- Marlo 

My go to sauce

This is my go to hot sauce, I have been using it for years, and it truly is my favorite!

- Kevin 


An adventure for my taste buds! I love all the flavor it has. 

- Sarah G 


Amazing sauce the first taste makes u wanting more and more I would recommend to everyone who is Cajun

- Crystal 

Leaves you wanting more!

This sauce is amazing in SO many ways! The taste is awesome and leaves you wanting more. In addition to that though, proceeds go to a great cause so it's a win win for everyone!

- Connie 

Buying more !!!

Have this awesome sauce at Boyne City Tap with our wings, and loved it!! Going to buy  some soon!!

- Sandy 

Whole family loves it!

Sauce is absolutely amazing!! We ended up having to get it by the gallon to satisfy the whole family! From Hammond to Florida my family loves it!! Thank you so much Ryan & Mr. Randy. My father in law says it’s amazing in soups!


This. Is. So. Good.

As a Buffalo (North) gal, I had to put this Buffalo South Sauce to the test. It's the right mix of sweet, spice and heat. It's so darn good!

- Lori 

y'all need to try this

So glad this sauce is available to the public!! Y'all need to try this. My family has loved it for years! My dad cooks with it all the time.  I love Mac and cheese with Buffalo South sauce. 

- Carson